Ion Exchange Safic (Pty) Ltd is a joint venture between Ion Exchange India, a pioneer water and wastewater treatment company since over six decades; Safic is a Local South African company in the field of cleaning solutions involved in manufacturing sanitation chemicals and represents top international companies for cleaning equipment for Industry, institutions and for home, since over four decades.

Range of products include water, waste water treatment and recycling plants using various technologies for settling – clarification, filtration, disinfection and treatment using membranes and ion exchange technology. Ion Exchange India manufactures a wide range of ion exchange resins in Gujarat; RO/UF/Nano membranes in Goa; Polyelectrolytes / Flocculants for water and non-water processes; Boiler, Cooling water & fireside treatment chemicals, in Andhra Pradesh. In Bangalore and Goa Ion Exchange has manufacturing and Plant assembly facility for water, wastewater and Sewage Treatment plant. The company also offer technical services such as project management at site, design, supports erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of plant and supply of spares. The customer services division undertakes modification and rehabilitation of existing plants through process modification to augment capacity and improve treated water quality, making the equipment more cost effective by use of the latest treatment techniques.

Ion Exchange has over 14 overseas operations worldwide and provides water and environmental solution to Food and Beverage, Paper Mills, Refinery, steel plants, Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants. The Home Water Solution (HWS) group has wide range of water purifiers for home, Institutions to community. The company has designed, built Seawater Reverse Osmosis plant and large Brackish water Plants in Africa beside Asia Pacific and Middle East countries.

Our Vision

“To Be a leading player in Africa for water and environment management.”


At Ion Exchange, we realise that innovation technologies are vital to address the complex problems of the changing world. We are equipped with in-house R&D facilities. Our R&D centres constantly works to develop, adapt and improve products and processes. We have numerous patents and over hundreds of products launched. We also continue to form technical partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies.


Ion Exchange’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are spread across five states in India and internationally in Hamriyah Free Trade zone – Sharjah, UAE and a chemical blending unit in Bahrain. We have an ISO 9001 certified export oriented unit at Rabale, Maharashtra. Our pharma grade resins manufacturing facility is US FDA compliant and WHO GMP certified.

Our facilities are committed to built-in quality achieved by quality assurance systems, advanced manufacturing processes and continuous training in manufacturing practices, safety and quality. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

We aim to maintain our leadership position in the business by offering world class products, solutions and services to achieve our vision – to be the leader in our business which is so vital to people’s lives and the environment.


I have recently completed two water treatment systems with INDION® NSSR Nitrate removal resin in treating borehole water with a very high nitrate (NO3 as N) concentration.
After treatment with the ion exchange resin media from Ion Exchange Safic (Pty)Ltd the treated water was analyzed again to determine the Nitrate removal capabilities of the resin.
The results indicated that the resin had successful and effectively removed the nitrate from the raw borehole water and render the water fit for human consumption in accordance to the SANS 241-2015 for drinkability.

Ion Exchange Safic has been treating our power plant cooling water system since past 5 years, We have found the INDION® treatment program and their services to be extremely satisfactory. The treatment gaurentees of corroison, scale & fouling are always found well under the control limit.

We have been using INDION® resins from Ion Exchange Safic for about a decade, the resins have always performed to the expectation of the application. Ion Exchange Safic has always been upfront to provide swift support and technical knowledge, we appreciate their dedication & focused approach.

Ion Exchange Safic has been supplying us with INDION® resins for our demineralization plant, we have found that the  efficiency & performance of our plant has improved. We get supported by their technical experts as and when required, we wish them well in their business.